Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Midwest Leather Weekend Classes

Midwest Leather Weekend Classes

The Midwest Leather Weekend producers are thrilled to have the Titans of the Midwest presenting our 2018 Kink Fetish seminars.

All seminars are free and open admission and provide a safe place to learn, brush up on what you know or just enjoy meeting other kink fetish fans.

The seminars will be held Saturday, October 6, at JJ's Clubhouse & Bar during the afternoon.

Loving Leather Spaces with Mama Gail

11 am - Instructor: Mama Gail

Class Description: Loving Leather Spaces is a facilitated and fierce conversation about the issues that matter to you the most. The topic for this session is Consent. What does consent meant to you? What are the boundaries? What are the rules of engagement and how to we protect ourselves and others from consent violations? What do we do when we "see something", but we don't want to get involved enough to "say something"? How do we call in (or call out) consent violators in our communities?

Join Mama Gail at Midwest Leather Weekend as we further the conversation, the Dialogue Without Discord, on the topic of Consent. #LovingLeatherSpaces

Fire Scenes

12:15 pm - Instructor: Sir Tim and Slave Sarah

Class Description: There are a number of aspects to what we call fire scening, from fire flogging to cupping to flash cotton, and everything in between. This class will be an overview of the many techniques, beginning with the basics, such as the different tools and how they should be used, on through to some of the more advanced methods, including how to vary their uses and provide different sensations. We will also go over the ever so important elements of safety; including what to ask in advance of a scene and what both parties should be aware of during and after.

The Good Touch Games

1:30 pm - Instructor: Pup Havok

Class Description: Consent is the cornerstone of our community. This interactive class teaches consent in practical ways. Bring a friend but don't expect to get paired with them as you are guided through a series of 9 hands-on games. This sexy and simple class will teach even the most experienced player a thing or two and give the rookie a safe and solid foundation.

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