Thursday, August 1, 2019

MWPAH's statement on action of GLLA Boardmember

The owners of Midwest Puppy and Handler are critically concerned with the recent events at IPAHW regarding one of the owners of GLLA.

It is not within our core values to condone, promote, OR sit idly by in face of and matters surrounding racism, trans-phobia, sexism, etc.

We as an organization, in which inclusion has always been a primary focus, feel the need to withdraw our support from this event until we are absolutely convinced that the aforementioned will be a non-issue.

MWPAH realizes that not everyone involved in the GLLA organization agrees with the viewpoints expressed and is urging all aligned parties to not remain silent and be the voice of change.

We would also like to make it abundantly clear that we are not dismissing the actions of individuals or groups of individuals who are already making effort towards the advancement of acceptance and sincerely hope that this continued vigilance and is rewarded.

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