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Starting A Group, Event Or Contest

Starting A Group, Event Or Contest

This has been written in part for Puppy 101 class series originally written in 2010 by Papa Woof Roth. Please feel free to use this for your own groups, events or contests. All I ask is that the proper credits are given. Feel free to contact me at with questions or suggestions.

Getting started:
Starting something is a daunting undertaking but can be rewarding. Incase you wonder why there are some things included, well, it’s because I have encountered that exact thing.

Starting a group takes patience and perseverance. Don’t let yourself get too frustrated with a low turnout to start and even a few times. Get the word out, plan something you enjoy. That way if no one else shows up that time you still have fun.

Come up with your group name and logo if possible. Keep it simple and to the point

Things to decide on
How much area geographically will your group cover? City? State? Region?
Is this more a public social group?
Is it a hard core play group? (what are the local rules and regs)

These are things you really have to think about. Remember many new attendees are shy and they need a more neutral setting until they are more comfortable.

Use social networking!! Things like Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife, Furries Xtreme (the Furry/Puppy/Pet version of Fetlife) and Tumblr are great ways to find others. Remember that even some that are not local to you, might be interested in your event or may even know someone local to you. Network! Network! Network! Find someone that is local? Drop them an introductory note about the group, events and such. Remember some email groups and social networking sites might have a bias towards someone new, so if you are not able to post things, don’t let it bother you. There are lots of other places out there you can get the word out and lots of others that will help you.

Keep the excitement up! Find those that will help grow the group? Keep them excited and plan fun things that everyone might be interested in. This means talking to them and listening to what they want to do (see planning an event below)

Find a friendly location, find a local bar or club will let you pup out. Talk to the owner or manager and find out if you can get a time for the group to come out. If they will agree to a mosh pit, you can get mats cheaply at some place like Harbor Freight. You need to be prepared to provide your own setup to keep the pups safe. Make sure you also have things like a first aid kit ready and taking a Red Cross First Aid class is a HUGE plus!

Keep getting the word out! Make up a flyer (keep it PG) and post at bars, coffee shops, adult shops or wherever those interested might see it. Keep the flyers fresh. Change them out every few weeks with a new color paper, new graphics or different wording and a flyer that is a little different. There are a TON of niche groups on Facebook.

Planning events:
It can take a lot of time and effort to put something on not to mention the stress of what feels like trying to herd drunk cats sometimes. Remember when you are planning an event to be aware of other events planned around. Try not and plan something on top of someone else's event unless you talk it over with them first. It's very frustrating when you are planning something only to have someone muddle things up. If at all else possible if 2 want to do events around the same time, try working together to do like a weekend of events. If you plan an event and no one shows up, as the old saying goes try, try again. Sometimes it falls into place for a great turn out and sometimes it doesn't. Try and remember to keep things as reasonable as possible. If all else fails, ask opinions before planning the event. If doing something public like at a business, mall, park, etc. with today's increased awareness with security and transmittable virus threats, check with the owner/manager/park service director or whatever to make sure things like puppy gear are allowed. It's not fun to have security making you take your puppy gear off in front of kids or be seen being escorted out of the premises.

Events like Coffee and such, please make sure of the following.........

For the location
1. They are open and what their hours are (usually place needs to be open till at least 9-11pm or later)
2. They can handle a group (have seating space)
3. If it's an outdoor space make sure there is a contingency for bad weather
4. Know what the parking situation is before and post ( is it metered parking? hours for meters? pay parking garage? street parking?)

For the online group posting
1. When you are suggesting a place, please post complete info - name, address, phone number of location, other known things like parking
2. Post price range, link to menu, coupons, etc.
3. Post if it is an age restricted location I.e. 21+

This will hopefully make sure that if someone is away from the computer and there are questions

Attending events:

At someone's house or apartment -
When you go to an event, someone has spent time, energy and a lot of the time some money especially if they are having it at their apartment or house. Be a good guest! Some of the things you need to pay close attention to are:

Smoking rules - Can you smoke inside and if not, where can you smoke. Also don't just discard your cigarette butts, put them where they belong

Pet rules - if they have dogs or cats in the house, make sure you don't stand with the door open and make sure you close it tightly if you go in or out. If it's ok to give the animals treats or anything

PDA rules - Unless you are going to an orgy, keep it in your pants. If you are doing something and someone else looks uncomfortable....stop! In some areas you can do more in a bar setting than in other areas. Know what is a no-no!

Potluck rules - The whole purpose of a Potluck is a gathering where everyone brings a dish to share. The rule of thumb is that whatever you bring should be enough for 4-6 people to each have a good serving. Look at it like going out got a decent dinner. You would probably spend $15 plus for Chili's or Fudruckers, and you are getting a hellacious amount of food, so spend accordingly. Nothing pisses off a host more than a mooch. If you want to come but can't financially afford to get something, talk to the host upfront/privately BEFORE the event about it. Heck if nothing else offer to do dishes, take out the trash or help clean up. Contribute how you can that will help the host!

Cleanliness rules - Be a good guest and you make sure you get invited back. Use common sense and common courtesy when at someone's place. Use coasters or a napkin to sit your drink on. Throw your cans, cups, plates, trash away. If you are using "real" plates, glasses, silverware, take them to the kitchen and as the host what they want done with them. You may like living in a cluttered place but that does not give you right to do it as someone else's place. Also ...... take a shower and wear clean clothes, clean gear unless it’s a sweat/piss event. then ask what you should wear.

R.S.V.P.'s - When an invite is given in any form and you plan on attending even if it's a "maybe" let the host know. If you can't make it don't just be a no show, let the house know what you are not able to make it. Don't just drop in unless you know that is ok ahead of time. If a set time is given for things to start try and be there on time or a little early. If you are running late let someone know.

Public Gatherings - Some special things to remember here

PDA's - Use common sense. Most of the time if you are at someplace like a coffee shop or cafe you are in mixed company (gay/straight) so not an appropriate place for public displays of affection. If you are in a bar and it’s all good feel free to go to the accepted limits.

Puppy/Furry/Fetish Gear - Make sure with whoever is organizing it - puppy gear, ears, tails, collars, etc are OK. Remember not everyone understands Puppy/Fetish gear or all they know about it is what they saw on CSI. This is not a "Squick the Mundanes" game. Make sure that your gear is acceptable for the event. Know what the rules are. In Saint Louis for example, if you wear a jock or thong you must have a 1 1/2” strip down the back side.

Support the business - Most the time outings take place at restaurants, coffee houses or something similar. Be prepared to buy something. These are businesses, if everyone came and didn't buy something the business would close its doors. Also don't go and expect someone to cover you or worse yet, they order something and beg someone to pay for it for them. If someone is going to cover you, make arrangements prior - and pay that person back if that is what is supposed to happen!

Be a good customer - If it's at a bar, don't get stupid drunk so the rest of the group has to take care of you. If you have had too much to drink, give someone your keys. Also chances are the person that has organized the outing has a friendly relationship with staff at the business. If you are not sure if something is ok or not, ask! Also don't do things that annoy, hurt, injure your friends or other customers. Also know age limits! It’s it’s a 21+ event and you are not old enough, this can cause major problems for everyone if you sneak in.

Don't make a scene! - Leave the drama for your mamma! If you come to an event and start shit, expect to be asked to leave and not allowed back! Groups work best with a 3 strikes rule before you will be asked not to return to a group event. Depending on the action or input from others involved, it can be a 6 month suspension from attending events to permanent. The exception is if anyone threatens another for any reason including threatening the individual, individual’s belongings or individual’s work or school career. This is cause for immediate suspension from any and all group events.

Hopefully this helps and will make for some fun events in the coming months!!

Just only takes one person not playing by the rules of common decency and etiquette to ruin that event and events in the future for everyone

Help your attendees get ready:

This is something I share with events groups I’m going to

So you are going to an event?
Here are a few basic things to remember and plan for -

Before the event -

Make sure you have your ride and roomshare plan and reconfirmed. Nothing worse than finding one or both have bailed on you at the last minute. Also make sure you have good contact info for everyone!

Make sure you have your ID! Most events and bars require you to have a VALID State or Government issued ID (flights, buses, trains too)

If you take medication, make sure you have enough for the duration of the trip plus a day or 2 just in case!

If you are roomsharing, towels, pillows and blankets can be hard to get sometimes, save yourself the hassle and bring your own. This goes for soap and shampoo as well!

Make sure you have money for ride, room, food and fun stuff! It's not fair to get to an event and to beg off of others because you didn't plan properly.

At the event -

Make sure you get your room/roomshare sorted as soon as you are able. Don't leave your valuables in plain sight in vehicles, Don't leave things unattended in lobbies, hallways etc.

Keep your ID with you if you are going offsite for meals, bar runs etc.

If you are roomsharing and have a medical issue that could pop up during the weekend, make sure your roomies know about it and where to locate critical info, medication, epi pens etc.

Be a good roommate and guest. Don't trash the room, make a mess and not clean it up or be a general problem child to your roomies. Not everyone likes 3 day old sweat so shower!

If you are volunteering, please be a few minutes early for your shift! This makes getting instructions and set up, tear down etc much easier! If you can't do a volunteer shift because you have fallen ill or something, please let the event volunteer coordinator know ASAP so they can find a fill in for you.

If you get sick, DON'T SPREAD YOUR GERMS! I know it sucks but if you come down with the flu or something, stay in your room and out of crowds, don't spread the wealth of you illness!

Have fun but remember -
If you aren't sure if something is ok or acceptable ask. Respect others!! For many this is a long and hard earned time away from home. Don't ruin it for them.

Not everyone is into your kinks, respect that! There are kinks others are into that you would not want forced on you, so don't force yours on others! If someone asks a question about your kink, they want to learn so help them, answer questions, give examples etc

If you are drinking or partying, stay in control. No one likes a hot mess especially if they are barfing all over the place!!

TIP! Don't forget to tip your housekeepers (they will earn it by the end of the weekend), bartenders, foodservers, bootblacks, etc. They all are working hard to make the weekend good. Show them your appreciation!

Be patient! Restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops are going to be overwhelmed at times and being a nice customer will help offset some of the crabby ones they get (and get you better service) remember because they are busy, meals and such will take longer. Plan for this extra time when you go out so you won't miss something you wanted to go to because you are still at lunch/dinner.

Learn, make friends, step out of your box! So much to do and see, so many awesome people, so make the best of it!

Eat, drink, sleep!!! You have to have at least a couple decent meals each day, drink as much water as you can, and try and get sleep every night!

Help where you can! If you see someone that is struggling with bags or something, offer to lend a hand!

On your check out day, try and tidy up the room, pick up trash and don't make the maid regret walking in your room to clean up!

A fun meme for when you go to an event:
What do you like to be called?
What is your preferred gender pronoun?
Where are you staying?
What day are you getting there?
Who will you be rooming with?
How is the best way to find you?
Are there any panels you might be attending?
What do you look like?
Will you be gearing up?
Can I talk to you?
Can I touch you?
Can I visit your room?
Can I buy you drinks?
Can I give you stuff?
Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Are you shy or outgoing?
How long will you be at the event?
Will you be going to parties?
If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
What/where will you be eating?
Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
Can I take your picture?


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