Saturday, September 28, 2019

Join us for classes by Titans of the Midwest on Oct 5th in Saint Louis

Come join us next Saturday Oct 5th in Saint Louis for some great classes!

Great classes by Titans of the Midwest

The Kink Seminars are an annual tradition with the Midwest Leather Weekend, held on Saturday during the day while the Judges are interviewing the contestants. This year we are including seminars that are not Kink, so calling them our 2019 Seminars. Whatever you call them, they include topics everyone can enjoy and learn from.

A huge Midwest Leather Thank You to the Titans of the Midwest who put the seminars together this year, and the experts donating their time and expertise.

All seminars will take place at JJ's Clubhouse & Bar, 3858 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63110 (at the intersection of Vandeventer and Market.) All seminars are free admission. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Get Up….STAY Up - 11am
Instructor: Dr. Chad Neal 

A class in depression, anxiety around “event drop”

Chad Neal Ph.D. is Director of Training. Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center. A Mental health professional he specializes in Depression/Mood, Medical/Health Psychology with particular emphasis on Men’s issues

The View from Here - Beyond the Gender Box - 12 noon
Speaker: Dieta PepsiPrevention Specialist, St Louis Effort for AIDS

A class on marginalization, toxicity and injustice as experienced by Gender non-conforming, People of Color, and transgendered persons.

6ft 3 inches, intersex and known all over St. Louis for raising many thousands of dollars for local causes, Dieta — aka Leon Braxton - is known for her unmistakable deep laugh and glamorous attire.
(please note if you use Dieta's picture you must credit photographer Craig Currie) 

“S̶o̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶H̶a̶n̶d̶l̶e̶r̶ ?” Why You Want To Be A Handler! - 2 pm
Instructors - Sir Wolf & Pup Link

A class to recruit, encourage ands develop new pup handlers
(pups - fetch someone you like and bring them to this class!)

Sir Wolf is The Owner of Illinois Leather Pride and author for the internationally-known website Also, Sir Wolf runs the Chicago chapter of Team Friendly a grassroots movement to reduce stigma of HIV. He's been into kink since as long as he can remember but entered into pup play back in 2012 when his then-boyfriend asked him if he wanted a human pup. Jumping at the opportunity, Sir Wolf has been handling and training pups ever since.  Sir Wolf enjoys a wide range of kink as a Dominant switch with his primary kinks being Electro, Fisting, Bondage.
Currently, Sir Wolf is the Handler of The Wolf Pack with his puppy’s Quill and Hero while remaining deeply involved in his greater local kink community. He is a full member of the Chicago Puppy Patrol as well as The Titans of the Midwest since 2015. Sir Wolf has a passion for teaching. As an educator, he has taught at CLAW, GLLA, Midwest Puppy, as well as at several Kink U’s, a series of weekend classes put on and sponsored by The Titans of the Midwest.

Sir Wolf continues to involve himself in the regional community and hopes his work both at home and in the surrounding area will help educate more people as to how to do kink safely. He also encourages more kinksters to learn more about the pup/Handler community.”
Link is a seasoned kinkster with a love for education as large as his into list. He was Mr. Midwest Rubber 2017 and during that time also became a full member for The Titans of the Midwest. Link found kink about 8 years ago while still living in Michigan. While experimenting with puppy he has since grown to be more of a gear enthusiast casting a very wide range of kinks and interest that he is happy to share and explore with others. As an educator Link has taught at multiple Kink U, CLAW, GLLA, Midwest puppy, and Leather64TEN. He has also been a judge at several contests. Link he hopes to have strong reflections to improve the overall quality of kink for not just himself but others around him. As well as hopes to go forward to influence others to keep an open mind and open conversation in all areas of kink.

Intro to Cupping - 3 pm
Instructors – Daddy John & Pup Gazer/Handler Selene

Cupping has been used for centuries as both a healing method and erotic play.  This 3,000 year old technique can be done in three methods, Dry cupping, Fire cupping and Wet cupping.  Our class will explore the techniques of fire cupping and advanced fire cupping as a way of relaxation, sensual play and endorphin release much the same way impact play does.  We will look at preparation, application, safety and aftercare

Daddy John is an active member of the Chicago, regional and national puppy and handler community/leather community and AB/DL community.  As an advocate for unity amongst fetishes and active in the fetish community since 1989, his largest current focus is advocating for suicide prevention and awareness within the kink community. He has facilitated many pup, trainer/handler, little and AB/DL seminars, hands-on kink classes as well as seminars on mental health safety and head space.  A member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and co-founder of the Inter-Fetish Coalition of Suicide Prevention and Awareness (IFCSPA) he has organized fundraisers and raised thousands of dollars towards this cause.  Daddy John was the first Great Lakes Trainer title holder and held the title for 2 years (2016 & 2017). He currently is co-owner of Midwest Puppy/Midwest Puppy and Handler.  He is the current Dungeon Master at The Chicago Rose.  He is a member of the Chicago Puppy Patrol, International Puppy Club, Chicago Area Gear Enthusiast, Chicago Age Players, Chicago AB/DL’s, Titans of the Midwest, Clooless’s Sanctuary for Wayward Boys and Great Lakes Bears.  In the Puppy community he is recognized as an Owner, Handler and Trainer.

Daddy John enjoys spending time with his chosen family (Pup Gazer, and Trouble), is an avid gamer and loves to cook.

Gazer is a 24-year-old, trans pup who seeks to help create a community for everyone. She considers Puppy and Leather to be a home for all, regardless of self-definition, and is always willing to lend a paw to make that a reality. Gazer is Illinois Puppy 2018, an educator for Titans of the Midwest, and is actively finding new ways to benefit kink and fetish communities. As an eager advocate for TCK, Howard Brown Health, and kink inclusiveness, she is a cofounder of Beyond Labels; a Leather-plus organization whose mission is to create a community fetish environment with the needs of our marginalized siblings first, and seeks equity for our family members above all else. Gazer is also a coordinator at the Chicago Rose (a pangender/pansexual lifestyle club) which helps to promote a cross-kink and fetish environment for anyone of any walk of life to feel comfortable with themselves, to educate and be educated, and to have fun in a safe, accepting space.”

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