Sunday, May 3, 2020

Mdwest Puppy & Handler to cancel contest for 2020

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For Immediate Release:

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Name: Christopher (Papa Woof) Roth
Company:  Midwest Puppy and Handler, LLC
Phone:  314-504-2568
Facebook Page:   MidwestPuppyContest
Twitter:  @MidwestPuppyContest


Midwest Puppy and Handler to cancel contest for 2020

St. Louis, Missouri --- April 30, 2020: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the puppy and handler communities throughout the country in monumental ways.  As we stay at home and more and more organizations are either postponing their events or cancelling them, it has become clear that the pandemic will have lasting effects into the Fall and beyond.  As such, even if the pandemic has subsided by October, it is clear that having 10-15 leather events, puppy events, rubber events and/or contests in one month is not beneficial for either the community or those planning to participate.

Because of the uncertainty of these times and the overwhelming number of other events that have been rescheduled tor October, the Board of Midwest Puppy and Handler unanimously voted to cancel the Midwest Puppy and Handler Contest that was to be held October 23, 2020 to October 25, 2020.

Our current plan is to have a social gathering that weekend instead of the contest for those that can attend.  There will be an evening bar social on Friday night, a group dinner Saturday evening, and brunch on Sunday.  More details regarding this social event will follow in the near future.

Our current titleholders have been made aware and have chosen to represent Midwest Puppy and Handler into 2021. 

As we go forward through this crisis, the Board of MWPH asks for everyone to continue making informed decisions, based on facts, and follow the CDC easy to follow guidelines to keep the impact of this virus as minimal as it can be.

For further information please contact the organization at the above number.

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